How To Remove Melted Crayon From Car Seats

How To Remove Melted Crayon From Car Seats

Vehicle owners with toddlers know the irritation and disgust after finding the kids’ colored chalks all over the car’s back seat. While a few people may look at it as some form of art, the marks left behind certainly look unpleasant.How To Remove Melted Crayon From Car Seats

As a consolation, the stains will not remain on the leather or fabric material permanently. You can always extricate and remove markings left by the wax. Read the following tips on how to remove melted crayon from car seat.

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The Removal Process Begins!

Tip #1 –  Avoid the use of abrasive chemicals or conceal stains with cushions. Instead, consider removing the waxy scratches with mild household cleaners safe for leather. Test the solution first on an unnoticeable area because of delicate leather surfaces.

Tip #2 – Try this method if you want to learn how to remove melted crayon from leather car seat. Get a piece of hot iron rod and brown paper bag. Put the paper bag on top of the liquefied crayon spot and adjust the lowest setting of the iron.

Let it rest on the paper bag for one minute. Remove small blemishes at a time as soon as the heated wax sticks to the bag. Expect the blot to peel off after a few passes. Or, use an ice cube to solidify the wax and rub it off with a blunt-edged knife or hard plastic card.

Tip # 3 – You may not even need any tools. Just scrape the marks using your fingernail. Keep a piece of paper towel nearby to wipe off the remains. Continue scratching until you manage to take away the entire stain.

Get a plastic spoon if you prefer not to use your fingernail. Rub gently to refrain from damaging the leather finish.

Tip # 4 – Wipe off the unsightly residue using a damp piece of cloth. Dab at the surface carefully until you finally remove the crayon wax. Leave the car doors open for at least 30 minutes until the seats have dried completely.

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Tip # 5 – Scrub the blemished leather upholstery with a used toothbrush and dishwashing soap. Spray the liquid on the toothbrush and begin scrubbing. Wipe away the soap suds with a damp cloth and allow the seat to get dry.

Tip # 6 – Use oil-penetrating and water-displacing lubricant such as WD-40 to eliminate the stains. The grease helps break down the wax for less stressful cleaning after the application. Smear the oil on a clean clothing or paper towel. Repeat this process several times if needed until you have eradicated the wax.

Tip # 7 – Dash a bit of baking soda on top of the car seat and let it remain for an hour or more before vacuuming. Another option can be rubbing alcohol. Soak a clean and soft cloth in the solution and wrap around your finger.

Start kneading the marked portion with some pressure before wiping with another piece of fabric soaked in clean water only. Let the seat dry.

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Materials That You Need

Don’t hesitate to use any of the methods mentioned above. Of course, your patience will also count a lot. You can expect each one to work efficiently. In considering the procedures, make sure to have the following ready:

  • Iron or hair dryer as a substitute
  • Paper bag and paper towel
  • Ice cubes
  • WD – 40 brand of lubricant
  • Dull or blunt knife
  • Clean Water
  • Used Toothbrush
  • Clean piece of  cloth
  • Portable vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Rubbing alcohol compound
  • Baking soda

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Now that you know different techniques on how to remove melted crayon from car seat, sit back and relax knowing you can easily cope with this problem in the future.

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