How to Remove Car Window Tint

4 Ways: How to Remove Car Window Tint (with Water, Razor, Heat Gun or Hairdryer)

There are various reasons why you would want to remove your car’s window tint.

You probably purchased a used car that had faded or damaged tinting or you may be bored and tired of your current tint job. The tint may also have bubbled causing some of it to peel off. 

Car window tint helps to provide privacy and protect you and your passengers from harsh weather elements (such as heat and sunlight). Tint is usually applied using removable adhesive and hence it can easily be removed.

How To Remove Car Window Tint Without Damaging The Rear Defroster

The car’s rear window has delicate and tiny defrost lines running across its window below the tinting. Improper removal of the window tint can damage the defrost lines.

There are certain tools that you can use to remove window tinting without damaging the defrost lines.

You Will Need The Following Items:

  • A black and thick trash bag
  • Water bottle with a spray
  • Razor blade
  • Squeegee

Steps To Removing Window Tints without Damaging the Rear Defroster

1. Cut open the garbage bag to make one large plastic sheet. It has to be the same size or bigger than the rear window and not smaller.

2. Using the bottle, spray water on the window’s exterior and then lay the open plastic garbage bag on it. Smooth the plastic bag against the window glass. Trim the bag edges till the plastic has the exact shape and size as the glass window.

3. Peel off the plastic from the window. Spray the inside of the window with a lot of water and reapply the plastic so that it touches the tint. Use the squeegee for smoothing out the plastic until it is securely lying against the window tint.

4. Turn the heat on in the car to the maximum setting. Park the car and ensure that your rear window faces the sun directly. Turn the car’s rear defroster on and leave the car for about an hour.

5. After an hour, use a razor blade to begin pulling out the tint. Start with one of the upper corners and work slowly downwards. Lift off the whole corner as opposed to cutting it to pieces.

6. Pull away the tint and plastic using long and firm motions. Work slowly to prevent the tint from tearing away from its adhesive.

7. Once you have removed the entire tint from the glass, wipe the window’s interior with a clean cloth.

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How To Remove Car Window Tint With a Heat Gun

You will need the following items:

  • heat gun
  • Pads made of steel wool
  • Liquid form adhesive remover (that comes in a spray bottle)
  • Cotton rags (clean)
  • Razor blades
  • Razor casing handle
  • Window cleaver
  • Paper towels

Steps For Removing Tinted Window With Heat Gun

1. Heat the exterior of the window with a heat gun to warm the window’s tinting and adhesive. Do not heat from inside the window because it may melt the tint and cause it to merge into the window. As you heat, keep the gun 4-6 inches away from the window glass. Heat the window until it is warm.

2. Starting from one corner, begin peeling off the tint from inside. Work slowly to prevent the tint from tearing. If the tint tears, you will have to work with small pieces, which is difficult. Keep reheating the window from outside so that the adhesive can remain pliable.

3. Use the razor to remove tint. Place the edge of the razor slanted so that its sharp edge comes in contact with the glass.

4. Spray some adhesive remover after peeling off the entire tint. The remover should cover the whole area where the tint was attached. Let the remover rest for 10-12 minutes on the glass.

5. Use the steel wool and razor to remove the adhesive. Keep wiping off the adhesive and remover as you work in each window section.

6. If necessary keep reapplying the adhesive remover and scrape until all adhesive traces are gone.

7. Use the paper towels and window cleaner to wash off any residue left on the window.

Hint: You can substitute a heat gun with a hairdryer. As you work, use the razor blade carefully to prevent getting a cut. In addition, be careful when using the razor and steel wool on the wiring and defrost lines.

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How To Remove Window Tinting With A Hairdryer

You can remove your car window tinting on your own using a hairdryer. It is a slow process, but it will save you some money.

You Will Need The Following Items:

  • Hairdryer
  • Spray bottle
  • Adhesive remover
  • Cloth
  • Razor blade
  • Windex
  • Gloves

Steps To Removing Tints with A Hairdryer

 1. While sitting inside the car, face the window where you need the tint removed. Adjust the hairdryer setting to hot then aim the dryer to the window corner to start loosening the tint.

2. Once the tint is warm, slowly start peeling of the tint corner. Peel off the tint in a single sheet if possible.

3. Repeat the process on the other windows.

4. Pour adhesive remover in the spray bottle. Spray the remover on loose tint pieces and wait for ten minutes.

5. Scrape off any remaining tint with the razor blade. Use the towel and Windex to wipe and clean the window.

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How Can You Remove A Factory Window Tint?

Factory window tint film has two layers. If pulled, the top layer comes off easily but it leaves the second layer intact. It is easier to remove factory window tint by pulling both layers at the same time. If you pull them improperly, you could spend many hours trying to scrape off stuck tint pieces.

You Will Need The Following Items:

  • Razor blades
  • Ammonia
  • Plastic tarps
  • Spray bottles
  • Face mask
  • Electric tape
  • Window cleaner
  • Steel wool pad (fine)
  • Soap
  • Paper towels
  • Windshields
  • Warm water

Steps To Removing A Factory Window Tint

1. Remove all obstructions from the vehicle window (for instance the back brake light).

2. Spray the window exterior with water and cover it with plastic.

3. Lay a plastic tarp over the deck and car seats. Use plastic to cover the dashboard. Spray ammonia on the window’s interior. Ammonia has a strong odor hence you may need to put on a face mask.

4. Once the window has been soaked in ammonia, cover it with plastic. Use tape to hold the plastic.

5. Ensure that the area where the car is parked is sunny and let the car stay there for an hour.

6. Start peeling off the tint and remove plastic from one window corner. Keep the ammonia from evaporating by leaving most of the window covered as you peel.

7. Spray ammonia again on the corner. Using the razor, pull the tint corner. Look out for antennas and defroster lines to ensure that you do not cut them.

8. Once the tint is peeled off at the corners, use both hands to grab it and pull it off. It is ideal to remove the tint off in a single piece. As you are pulling, keep spraying ammonia if necessary. In case the film breaks accidentally, spray some ammonia and restart the process using a razor.

9. Once you have removed the film, scrub off residue adhesive from the window. Spray ammonia and use the steel pad to scrub.

10. Spray window cleaner on the glass and use newspaper or paper towels to wipe it.

Side Windows

1. Spray warm and soapy water on the window and let it soak for a couple of minutes.

2. Use the razor blade to make a cut on the tint.

3. As you cut, keep sliding the blade underneath the tint through the opening that was cut. Start pulling the film until you are able to grasp it.

4. Use both hands to pull the film from the glass. Keep removing the film slowly in segments until you clear the window.

5. Spray warm and soapy water again on the window. If there is adhesive residue, scrape it away. Use paper towels and the spray cleaner to finish cleaning the window.


Remember to always be careful with razors when scraping off the tints. You can easily get a little excited and miss a stroke or have the razor slip in your hand when wet.

Which way do you prefer to take off the tints on your car? which way did you like from this post? Let use know in the comments.

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