How Often should you Wax Your Car

How Often should you Wax Your Car?

You watch in an almost sinful awe as beads of moisture slowly roll off the glorious glistening body before you. You stall, spraying it again and watch pinpoints of sunlight kiss each and every droplet of water.How Often should you Wax Your Car

That’s right, it’s fresh car wax day, and enjoying the impeccable shine of your automotive beauty is just the beginning of the benefits that come with keeping your car waxed.


how often should you wax your car? Should it be done every couple of weeks or every year?

Welcome back car enthusiasts, today we are going to answer the question: How often and when do you need to wax to keep the body of your vehicle to keep it looking it’s best?

When To Wax Your Car?

Check almost any automotive site and they will all agree that for optimum shine you are going to want to wax your car every three months.

That’s around four times a year or once a new season begins if you want to think about it that way.

If you’re asking yourself: “Do I Really Need to Wax My Car?” The answer is, technologically you don’t NEED to, especially if you plan on riding around in a dusty, dull looking, scratched up car.

But, if you want a clean, shiny ride– you know, be one of those red cars on the road that you cant help but look at.

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Or ride around one of those all black Dodge Chargers that still look sharp in the dark; you’d want to keep the car waxed.

You can do it yourself- get the best wax and do it by hand or you can buy a buffer to help the process along. And, of course, you can visit you nearest detailing shop.

The point is, a routine waxing is still one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s aesthetic maintenance.

If you want to enjoy the benefit of waxing, but aren’t particularly worried about a high shine, you can cut this regime down to twice a year.

This will still provide the protection your car needs from outside elements and keep the resale price at a good number.

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Not Sure If “Shelly” NEEDS A Wax? Do A Wax Test

A quick way to know whether or not your car needs a waxing, is to pour a little water on the hood of your car and see whether or not it forms a good size bead on the paint.

Take a look at the video, “How to Tell if it Needs Wax” to see this process:

If the water beads, like you see in the picture above, then your wax levels are good

If the beads are smaller or nonexistent then it’s time to pull out the wax or hit your favorite detailer.

Its Not All About Looks. Its About Protection & Prevention!

When left outside for any amount of time cars become vulnerable to it’s surroundings.

It could be the kids throwing a frisbee up and down the street, or that kid that thinks it’s cool to touch all the cars with his studded gloves.

Nothing causes more damage to an exterior of a car then the weather, and it is for all of these reason that wax is so important to your automobile.

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When looking into the benefits of waxing your vehicle, paint protection is one of the many ways car wax helps to retain your car’s beauty (and value).

How Soon Can You Wax A New Car?

So what about that new car you just took off the lot? It has clear protective coating and shouldn’t need wax for at least a year right?

Actually, this assumption is incorrect.How Often should you Wax Your Car

In the past when cars arrived at the dealerships from the factory, the top layers of paint were usually dry, but the layers beneath still needed time.

Therefore dealerships suggested that your first wax not happen for a while to give the paint and clearcoat an appropriate time to completely set.

According to the article, “When to Wax a Brand New Car” on, you can wax your new car as soon as a few weeks after its initial use.

So don’t be afraid to pull out the wax and get to work.

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Wax vs Polish: What’s The Difference?

When you have decided that it is time to wax your car, you may come across two different items, Car Wax and Car Polish. So which do you choose? The answer to this questions lies in the condition of your car.

What is the Difference Between Polish and Wax:

Wax is used to protect the paint of your car, and polish is used to repair the paint. Simply put, if you have been giving your car a regularly scheduled waxing at least twice a year, then you can continue waxing.

If you have laxed on the routine then you may need to use a polish to first repair the damage that has been done to the exterior paint of your vehicle.

The video, “How to Clean, Polish and Wax Your Car” by Barry’s Auto Body will show you the polish and wax process to help you get started.

Now You Know How Often You Should Wax Your Car!

And there you have it, everything you need to know about how often you need to wax your car. This along with your scheduled maintenance and detailing will ensure a high resale value and quality performance out of your vehicle.

Please let me know what you think of the information or links provided in the comments below and if you have any suggestion for the best car wax for you.

Thanks to all the new readers and especially all of my car enthusiasts.

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